[heading heading=”h3″]SENATOR II MVP BUS[/heading]

Popular Options

  • Stainless steel wheel inserts
  • Luggage storage areas
  • Rear emergency door with windows
  • Passenger area rear heat and AC
  • Complete rubber flooring
  • Passenger grab rails
  • Padded vinyl or cloth walls and ceiling
  • Audio and video systems
  • Mid back or high back seating

The Senator II MVP offers 24 passengers plus rear luggage or 28 passenger floor plans, giving you the people-moving capacity and storage availability you desire without having to purchase a larger bus. Whether you are shuttling passengers around town or travelling longer distances, the Senator II MVP provides the safety and durability you demand with a fully welded steel cage construction. In addition, every bus must go through rigorous testing and a meticulous quality assurance. So whether it’s capacity, safety, or durability that drives your next purchase, the Senator II MVP delivers.


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[featured_panel title=”28 Passengers ” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]mvp-fp-2[/featured_panel]
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