[heading heading=”h3″]SENATOR II BUS[/heading]


  • Fully welded steel cage construction with laminated sidewall
  • structure meeting all applicable FMVSS requirements
  • “Starview” drivers visibility window in front of entry door
  • Electric actuated passenger entry door with full length glass
  • 36” wide x 36” high upper double T-Slider tempered safety
  • glass windows with climate control tint
  • Black powder coated steel rear bumper, Rear mud flaps
  • Pre-painted white galvanized steel sidewalls and skirts
  • Fiberglass front and rear caps
  • One-piece seamless FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) roof
  • Breakaway rearview mirrors with built-in convex
  • Sealed LED stop, tail, and turn signal lights with reverse lights
  • Exterior LED front and rear marker lights


The Senator II shuttle bus is a line of mid-size buses designed with the needs of the customer, passenger, and driver in mind.  Featuring a new front aerodynamic fiberglass profile, a spacious aisle, optional luggage racks and wheelchair accessibility, and plenty of headroom for up to 25 passengers, the Senator II bus provides outstanding value and durability for hotels, churches, and senior living communities.


Don’t see what you need? There are many more builds available!
[featured_panel title=”14 Passengers + Interior Luggage Rack + Driver” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]senator-floorplan-1[/featured_panel][featured_panel title=”14 Passengers + Driver ” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]senator-floorplan-2[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”14 Passengers + Enclosed Rear Luggage + Driver ” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]senator-floorplan-3[/featured_panel][featured_panel title=”21 Passengers + Enclosed Rear Luggage + Driver ” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]senator-floorplan-4[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”12 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs + Driver”]senator-floorplan-5[/featured_panel][featured_panel title=”7 Wheelchairs / 6 Doublefold Seats + Rear Luggage + Driver / CoPilot”]senator-floorplan-6[/featured_panel]
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