[heading heading=”h3″]EMBASSY BUS[/heading]
[heading heading=”h3″]FEATURES[/heading]

 Vacuum Infused Fiberglass

A computer controlled vacuum infusion process results in lighter weight and improved strength.

 Patent-Pending Roof

An extruded one-piece roof that channels water away from sidewall seams giving greater structural integrity. It is held in place without screws, so no risk of leaking over time.

 Composite Floor

Instead of wood, the use of a “lifetime” fiberglass floor that is impervious to water, is light weight and allows for a quieter ride.

 Built to Last

Built with the same quality materials and modern processes as rugged trucks and fine automobiles. High quality composites allow the Embassy bus to shine for the long run. Higher resale value, lighter materials, and a quiet comfortable ride add up to great value and vehicle longevity.


Introducing the new Embassy bus by the makers of Ameritrans. The Embassy bus is the newest chapter in a long history of innovation in the industry: new thinking, true craftsmanship, and high-tech materials create the finest buses available. Packed with standard features and unique options that customers expect and appreciate from a high quality bus.


Don’t see what you need? There are many more builds available!

[featured_panel title=”e235: 14 Passengers + Rear Luggage” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]embassy-floorplan-235-14p-rl[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”E235: 12 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]embassy-floorplan-235-12p-2wc[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”e255: 19 Passengers + Rear Luggage” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]embassy-floorplan-255-19p-rl[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”E235: 14 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]embassy-floorplan-255-14p-2wc[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”e275: 21 Passengers + Rear Luggage” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]embassy-floorplan-275-21p-rl[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”E235: 16 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]embassy-floorplan-275-16p-2wc[/featured_panel]
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