[heading heading=”h3″]C2 FORD TRANSIT BUS[/heading]


  • 36″ Wide electric actuated entry door
  • 10″ Ground to first step
  • Fully welded steel cage construction meeting FMVSS
  • 109″ overall exterior height (depending on options)
  • “Super Starview” drivers visibility window in front of entry door
  • 36″ high x 36″ wide high upper double T-Slider tempered safety glass windows
  • One-piece seamless fiberglass reinforced plastic roof
  • Drip rail over all windows and passenger door openings
  • LED front and rear marker lights, LED stop, tail, turn signal, and back-up lights


The C2 Ford Transit Bus is economical, easy to drive, and has plenty of room, making it a great alternative to a cramped van. Models include options like luggage areas, wheelchair lifts, illuminated ID sign, upgraded AC system, and are available in multiple floorplans.

Popular options include:  Luggage Areas, Padded vinyl or cloth walls and ceiling, Bonded windows, Stainless steel wheel inserts, ADA and FMVSS compliant wheel chair lifts and securement systems, and Front Illuminated ID Sign.


Don’t see what you need? There are more builds available!
[featured_panel title=”8 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs + Driver” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]c2-1[/featured_panel][featured_panel title=”10 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs or 1 Flip Seat + Driver / CoPilot” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]c2-2[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”13 Passengers + Enclosed Rear Luggage + Driver / CoPilot” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]c6[/featured_panel][featured_panel title=”14 Passenger Perimeter + Interior Luggage + Driver ” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]c3[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”14 Passengers (No Luggage Area) + Driver”]c4[/featured_panel][featured_panel title=”13 Passengers (No Luggage Area) + Driver / CoPilot”]c7[/featured_panel]
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