[heading heading=”h3″]ACTIVITY SCHOOL BUS MFSAB[/heading]


  • Largest driver transition window in the industry
  • 32″ x 83″ clear opening entry – widest in the industry
  • Big bus features with easy maneuverability
  • 5 year limited body warranty
  • Available with  flush mount air conditioning
  • Available with bench, CRS or activity seats
  • Available on E350 & E450 cutaway chassis with school bus package
  • Rear emergency door with windows and full length hinge
  • Available on E350 & E450 cutaway chassis
  • ISO 9001 certifed manufacturer
  • Altoona tested


[dropcaps]B[/dropcaps]uilt on the proven steel cage safety structure bus platform, the Multi-function School and Activity Bus offers a break from the old fashioned design of the past.  This design adds more floor to ceiling height, larger windows, available overhead bins, and all models meet National Transportation Safety Board highway safety requirements. A variety of floor plans are available, including wheelchair lift equipped models.


[featured_panel title=”8 Passengers + 1 Wheelchairs + Driver” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]school-bus-floorplan-8p-1wc[/featured_panel][featured_panel title=”12 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs + Driver” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]school-bus-floorplan-12p-2wc[/featured_panel]
[featured_panel title=”14 Passengers + Driver” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]school-bus-floorplan-14p[/featured_panel][featured_panel title=”20 Passengers + Driver ” icon=”1465″ hover_icon=”1464″]school-bus-floorplan-20p[/featured_panel]
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